Java Middle developer

About the project and what we’re looking for

This project is a live streaming website with over 7 million daily users. The company was among the first to create live streaming services.

We are deploying and managing tens of nodes for delivering content everywhere in the world. The packman cloud at our profile speaks about how we’re working. Currently, we are rewriting the backend of a huge application towards SaaS architecture. You'll be part of the entire lifecycle of the project, starting from designing the architecture up to deploying the code on production. What you should know: this is not a usual app. It has to face heavy traffic, live streaming, fast loading website. The most important: this is a place for people. Not a corporate, but an informal, chill, fun group, with a constant purpose: to use the best engineering methods and top-notch technologies to build amazing like what we’re doing, we like to be empowered, and we don’t like close supervision.

The position is for a 2+ years experienced Java Developer, that is looking to join an existing highly-effective agile team that is currently working on an application that faces heavy traffic, live streaming and fast loading websites. You can be a part of this forward thinking team that provides solutions that are leveraged by leading online applications. You will be part of the entire lifecycle of the project, beginning with the design up to the deploying of the code. Our team consists of about 50 IT specialists (developers, QA, System Engineers) and is continuously modernizing its solutions. The applications are complex and you will work with technologies such as VR, livestreaming or graph databases.

The innovative technology used:

  • VR Technology;
  • Live Streaming;
  • Graph Databases;
  • Mobile Application Development – Instant Messaging Platforms;
  • Payments system;
  • High traffic and low latency applications.

Essential knowledge and experience:

  • 2-3 years’ experience in software development and object-oriented programming with focus on Java programming and Spring Framework;
  • Experience developing multithreaded applications, distributed components, data layers;
  • Experience with application servers You might also have
    SaaS exposure;
  • Experience with high traffic / high load environments
    Excellent problem-solving skills;
  • Work within a team on incrementally released projects;
  • Launch features early and adapt in regards to user feedback;
  • Develop Internet applications taking in consideration performance and stability criteria.